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    300 Arbour Hills Blvd

    Grande Prairie, AB, T8X 0V2

    P: (780) 832-4000

    F: (780) 532-3430

    Offered High School Programming

    High School sized Gym (1180m2), Celtic Academy (8-12), Construction Lab, Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP), Welding/Automotive, Fashion Lab, Dual Credit & Credentialing, Cosmetology (24 Stations), Commercial Cooking Lab, Theatre Arts (338-Seat Theatre with full lighting and sound), Drama, Visual/Graphic Arts, Design Studies Lab, Band, HRH Daycare/YMCA, Driver Education, Advanced Academic Track

    French Immersion

    On February 27, 2017, St. John Paul II Catholic School was established as Faculté Jean-Paul II for Grade 8-9 French Immersion. Taking effect in 2017-2018, Faculté Jean-Paul II will add a grade every year until the school includes Grade 8-12 in 2020-2021.

    Leading French Immersion

    District Principal of French Immersion Linda Beaudet will lead the Pre-K-12 French Immersion program throughout the district. Along with regular curricular duties, Linda’s main work is to enhance the French Immersion program in Grades 8-12 and to support the Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 7 Immersion program.

    Courses and Subjects

    Grade 8-10 French Immersion students have access to a full French Immersion program, along with a diverse range of options for students to pursue.

    Français and Études Sociales are offered to Grade 10, 11, and 12 students. Mathématiques and Science courses are being considered for Grade 11 and 12.

    What St. John Paul II Offers

    Faculté Jean-Paul II is located on the second floor of the St. John Paul II building. The Faculté has classrooms dedicated exclusively to French Immersion and its own designated flex/gathering space. Faculté Jean-Paul II students have the same amount of access to St. John Paul II’s various facilities as the English students, such as the Performing Arts Centre, Commercial Cooking Lab, Construction Lab, Outdoor Classroom, High School Gym, Celtic Academy, and more.

    Sports Teams

    Grade 8 (B League) and Grade 9 (A League) Teams

    Similar to Grade 7 teams, we follow the philosophy that teams are developmental in nature. Potentially, our high schools may have multiple grade 8 teams and grade 9 teams to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate. For grade 8 teams and grade 9 teams, the volleyball and basketball seasons run for 8 weeks during the school year. Other sports will continue to run as they always have.

    Junior Varsity Teams (Grade 10 to 11) and Varsity Teams (Grade 10 to 12)

    Our guiding philosophy for Junior Varsity teams is that teams are both developmental and competitive in nature, while our philosophy for Varsity teams is that they are competitive in nature. St. Joseph CHS and St. John Paul II / Faculté Jean-Paul II will endeavor to run Junior Varsity and Varsity programs in volleyball and basketball, if there is enough interest to do so. Junior Varsity and Varsity teams will play in local high school tournaments wherever possible.
    When St. John Paul II / Faculté Jean-Paul II becomes a grade 8 to 10 school in September 2018, a decision will be made regarding whether Junior Varsity and Varsity teams will be on site, or be combined with St. Joseph school’s teams. Other high school sports will run as they always have.

    Band & Music Programs

    Two high school programs will be offered for St. John Paul II / Faculté Jean-Paul II students.

    St. John Paul II / Faculté Jean-Paul II High School Band: Open to the St. John Paul II / Faculté Jean-Paul II Grade 8-10 students and possibly others.

    St. Joseph High School Band: Students attending St. John Paul II / Faculté Jean-Paul II are welcome to join the after-school Jazz and Wind Ensemble program at St. Joseph CHS.


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