Performing Arts Centre

Designed to be a state of the art cultural hub that will meet the various needs of the regional communities in the County and City of Grande Prairie, the St. John Paul II Catholic School / Faculté Jean-Paul II Performing Arts Centre will be able to accommodate a variety of community-run programs. The overall goal of the Centre is to celebrate and enhance the Arts’ culture within the region while providing students and the community with unique opportunities to learn, perform, and develop their abilities. With this in mind, the Centre will not only play host to school-based programming but also community-based programs that will range in a wide variety of the Arts. We envision that these programs will vary anywhere from musical and classical theatre, to dance and music classes, to even summer academies, art galleries, stand-up comedy, and even more.

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To make all these possibilities work, the Centre incorporates several innovations to maximize potential use. One of the biggest innovations is the “Black Box” theatre, which can seat up to 350 people and can also be reconfigured via telescoping seat platforms into different types of spaces to better suit community needs, such as a banquet hall or a convention space. The Centre also incorporates state of the art theatre audio and LED lighting equipment, a full stage length cyclorama screen for projection and special lighting effects, and acoustic engineering for perfect sound quality.

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Additionally, even though the Centre will be located at St. John Paul II Catholic School / Faculté Jean-Paul II, the school will have its own space for Fine Arts and Performance Arts-based classes. This will allow for the community to utilize the Centre at all times, even during school hours. However, the theatre space will be complemented by various school spaces, such as a Cosmetology lab and commercial cooking space, which will serve to assist the events that are held within the Centre.

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Theatre Lighting - House Plot

Theatre Rigging Loads