Shamus Campbell


Shamus Campbell

Shamus has been involved with sport since he was very young. He believes that being involved with sport plays a large role on building ones character and leadership. Shamus has been part of many teams growing up whether being an athlete or coach. He believes the life skills that young people develop through sport are infinite. Shamus is a strong advocate for living a healthy active lifestyle.

This is Shamus’s first year being part of the Celtic Academy and he is extremely excited to start. Working with students in the Celtic academy and improving their physical and mental well-being is something Shamus is looking forward to!

Some accomplishments he has includes:

  • Coach of the Inverness Academy Varsity hockey
  • Member of the St. Francis Xavier University Baseball Club
  • Co coach of the St. Joseph  Junior High Boys Volleyball program
  • Receiver coach for St. Joseph CHS Football program
  • Coach St. Joseph CHS golf program