Emma Throness


Here is some information about me:
I was born in BC but raised in Alberta on a small farm outside of LaGlace. I love the country and doing outdoor activities such as hiking, quading, and exploring. I also have learned to appreciate the city as I took my second two years of university in Edmonton. I believe students learn better when movement is incorporated into the lesson. The students in my class will have breaks to get up and do some sort of movement to get that great energy flowing to their brains! What motivated me to be a teacher was working with kids at our local youth group which runs every Friday night. I have been a leader for 5 years now and will continue my work there. At our farm we also started a drop in ball hockey night on Tuesdays where kids play and hear a talk about faith in God. I believe that every child is unique and able to learn. Everyone has talent to bring to the classroom. Everyone in my class will be treated with respect and encouraged to work with others, collaborating and sharing ideas.