Collin Dillon


JP2 Gymnasium

This is Collin's 6th year teaching in the Grande Prairie Catholic School District and is excited to be a part of the St. John Paul II - Faculte Jean-Paul II family. Collin will be taking on the role of Athletic Director, the Whole School Wellness Lead as well as teaching 8-10 Health and Physical Education.  

Collin was raised in Prince Edward Island and has a beautiful wife, Laura, and two amazing children, Elsie and Colby. When he is not in school Collin loves getting outside with his family, or you can find him at the softball field, hockey rink or the golf course!

Collin’s passion is ensuring youth have a love for movement with the hopes that students will value living a healthy and active lifestyle. Collin also believes that physical activity is for everyone and will work so that ALL students have an opportunity to experience sport as well as other activities that promote an active lifestyle. Collin is excited to work with the students at St. John Paul II - Faculte Jean-Paul II with the hopes of elevating not only their physical development but their confidence and competence in physical activity.