Faith Services

St. John Paul II - Faculté St. Jean Paul II is rooted in Catholic Faith.
We welcome students of all Faiths
  • Integrated Faith in all classes
  • Bilingual Class mass and school mass
  • Faith Retreats (Parish and NET)
  • Living the virtues of Christ through Service
  • Alpha Lunch Club
  • Music and Muffin's Focus Club
  • In-school Chapel 
  • Morning prayer and Saint of the Day
School Religion Support: Angela Biblow, [email protected]
Supervisor of Religious Education, Nichole Gerein, [email protected] 
Parish Connection 
Our Division is located within the Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan. The Archdioceses provides guidance through the Alberta Bishops for the delivery of Catholic Education. 
Please follow the links for more information on the Archdiocese as well as St. Joseph Catholic church.
Our School Namesake: St. John Paul II
St. John Paul II was born in 1920. He became Pope in 1978 and was canonized in 2014.  He was known for his ability to bring people of all nationalities together and to accept and apologize for the wrongs of the community. He had a strong focus on youth and therefore created World Youth Day which brings millions of youth from around the world together for praise and worship. At this gathering he entrusted to the youth, the World Youth Day Cross, to be carried throughout the world as a symbol of the love of Christ for humanity. 
St. John Paul II had a love of theater and poetry, travel and advocated for Human Rights. 
As a school, we embody the vision of St. John Paul II with our dedication to helping humanity through service and prayer, our passion for Fine Arts through our theater program and a quality education rooted in faith and love for all. 
"Catholic Education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ in the lives of others." St. John Paul II (1979)