Fine Arts

St. John Paul II is blessed to have a Fine Arts program that is passionate, engaging and entertaining. We are based out of the beautiful KMSC Law Performing Arts Theatre. 
The students gain the training and experience through a rigorous and creative program. The highest level of theater etiquette and approach to rehearsals is expected from St. John Paul II theatre students. This is a celebration of fine arts. While the product and productions created are going to be new and exciting each year; the most valuable part of the experience is going to be the journey of learning to perform together as a cast, challenging our acting abilities and finding joy within an art form. 
Students will gain experience in many of the disciplines in theatre:
  • Script analyses
  • Stage vocabulary
  • Rehearsal Protocol
  • Stagecraft
  • Technical theater
  • Dramaturgy
  • Professionalism and collaboration
  • The Grande Prairie Catholic School Stage Band
  • The Grande Prairie Catholic School Jazz Band
  • Clubs and classes focusing on Art, Band, Choral and General Music
  • Musical Theatre
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Student Experiences:

The JP2 theatre program is basically my home away from home. Everyone is so sweet and accepting and I couldn't imagine my life without them. They've been nothing but awesome.  It's important to have fine arts in school for me because it's a very good community. Anyone is welcome and it's just such an amazing experience. Andie Poirier- Grade 9


Acting is my passion and what I want to pursue as a career in post-secondary. Acting is a very hard and risky career to pursue, I don't know if I would have the courage to pursue acting without being in an amazing theater program, such as this one, for most of my junior and senior high years. It's so encouraging to be in an environment that I can share my love for acting with so many people that love and appreciate acting just as much as I do. Mattaya Lauck -Grade 11